STEM Apps and Games for kids of all ages

Kika - Multiplication Adventure

Welcome to the magical world of Kika in the depths of the forest. Here you can sharpen the multiplication and division capabilities, develop a strong numerical intuition and control the multiplication table. While you will encounter magical creatures, traps, and other monsters

The Land of Venn - Numeric Storms

An educational game designed to make the world of numbers and mathematics accessible to children through trial and error, developing a numerical sense, and mastering the facts of mathematics for young ages. And at the same time, challenge those who think their computational abilities are sufficient to save Venn’s world from the renewed attack

Alien Numbers - Learn to count and more

The game is designed for those who are just starting out in the world of numbers. Various puzzles and thinking games will guide the children on their way to learning how to write numbersĀ  and count. While having a great experience, laughter and fun

The Land of Venn - Geometric Defence

A learning game that experientially brings the learner together with geometric concepts, shape classifications, hierarchy and features. As the child saves Wen’s world, he will develop his spatial intuition and love for the world of mathematics.

Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity

Faces iMake is a tool for creating collages using pictures of every-day objects but Faces iMake is much more than that:
It is a tool for expanding VISUAL AWARENESS and VISUAL ASSOCIATIONS, activities mostly controlled by our right brain.