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"Excellent way to explain assemblage and portraiture as an art form"

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Wince *Don't Feed The WorryBug

Wince Don't Feed The WorryBug

Written and illustrated by Andi Green, WorryWoos is a series of books and toys created especially to promote emotional wellness in children.

Wince's  journey of self-awareness helps him overcome his worries and banish the WorryBug. He’s a character that will inspire anyone who’s ever had a worry no matter how old they are.




With dedicated interactivity, a rhyming story, and stunning animation, Wince is entertaining and funny as well as being a fantastic tool  for parents or professionals to talk to children about the things that worry them.


The book offers children a device to record their worries and then hear their worries played back to them. It presents a wonderful opportunity for children and their carers to talk about worries at home or in a professional setting. Teachers, parents and therapists can use Wince - Don’t Feed The WorryBug as a starting point to discuss emotions big or small.


What makes Wince unique:

  • Beautifully illustrated and animated
  • Gentle interactivity where children can direct the app at their own pace
  • 20 Original hand painted pages 
  • A lyrical narration that carries the story with rhyming and pictures
  • Originally composed music
  • Interactive elements including a device to record worries
View the embedded image gallery online at:
  • Soon on the

    iPhone and iPad

  • Ages: 4-8 years
  • Skills:
  • Curiosity
  • Experiences:
  • Family
  • Togetherness
  • Fun
  • Laughing


The Land of Venn - Geometric Defense

Geometric Defense


The Land of Venn is under attack! YOU are our only hope!!!!
You are the only one who can save the Land of Venn from utter destruction by the hands of the evil wizard
Apeirogon who lives atop the Dark Square Root.
Use ancient knowledge gained from Lumbricus the Wizard Worm to protect the Magic Juice from being drunk! Save us all!!!
“With knowledge comes power” and the ability to learn and earn more gold and gain access to more powerful wisdom and magical spells.
You must defeat Apeirogon by eliminating the Bookkenriders. Are you up to the task?





* Learn and master 12 Magic Abilities from the Point of fire and Straight line of hope to The Frozen Triangle and the Trapezoid of Doom.

* Earn gold and buy from buy 16 Spells at the Wizard Wall - Bird of eternity, Meteors, Sulfur, Firetrucks, Storms and more

* Fight 15 different monsters (Bookkenriders) that will test your strength by flying, driving, crawling, jumping and more

* 30 Hand Crafted levels of Strategic Game play

* 3 Unique and Funny worlds to protect and explore

* Original Soundtrack

* 12 Interactive Tutorial screens that will get you ready for battle

* And 1 Crazy Worm Wizard

View the embedded image gallery online at:
  • Available for iPad and iPhone

  • Ages: 5-10 years
  • Skills:
  • Coordination
  • Counting
  • Curiosity
  • Experiences:
  • Togetherness
  • Fun
Zombies iMake - Create Zombies and Monster

Zombies iMake Imagine and create Zombies and Monsters


Zombies iMake. Fun for kids, devilishly addictive for adults, lets you design an endless horde of zombies by patching together spare body parts.
It is a modern Mr. Potato Head that lets a child's imagination go wild to create gorgeously ghoulish creations of their very own!




- Mix and match zombie appendages including eyes, mouths, arm, legs, feet, and more
- Create an unlimited number of monsters for your zombie army
- Use your right brain (the zombies have already eaten the left)


- Take a photo of your face (or someone else's) to turn yourself into a zombie!
- Over 200 additional body parts from our zombie recycling lab
- Include one of 20 illustrated background scenes behind your zombie
- Add and edit additional zombie accessories using your iPad's camera


- Creative, open ended game
- Fun, self-directed experience for kids
- No time limits, no rules! Play as long as you like
- Available in 9 languages - English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew

View the embedded image gallery online at:
  • Available for iPad

  • Ages: 3-99 years
  • Skills:
  • Coordination
  • Curiosity
  • Experiences:
  • Fun
  • Laughing
  • Inspiration
  • Engaging
  • Happiness
Faces iMake - ABC - Coming Feb. 7th 2013

Faces iMake ABC


Faces iMake - ABC, part game, part puzzle, entertaining and offers a new generation

the most fun with alphabet since Sesame Street. Children choose letters from the

screen and watch as objects come together to create new characters and

animated objects.




Faces iMake - ABC Developes:


- Letter shape recognition

- Letter name knowledge

- Letter namig

- The Puzzle element develops spatial skills

- Pictures and objects associated with each letter help teach letter sound correspondence.

View the embedded image gallery online at:
  • Available for iPad

  • Ages: 2-5 years
  • Skills:
  • Coordination
  • Curiosity
  • Experiences:
  • Fun
  • Inspiration
  • Engaging
  • Happiness
Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity with FaceWorld™

Right Brain Creativity Faces iMake


Faces iMake is a tool for creating collages using pictures of every-day objects. 

Faces iMake includes:

• 5 video lessons on creativity by Hanoch Piven himself,
   geared for all ages.

• A gallery of 20 inspirational images created by the Piven family

• Puzzle – Make your own Puzzle with Tap2Print™

• A music player which allows for music to be played
  while creating.

• A sharing engine (Facebook, email) 




* It is an extraordinary tool for developing right brain creative capabilities and expanding awareness. Indeed, Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, put it very well when he said, "It's fun and addicting if you can get it away from your kids."


* It has been recognized as an intuitive tool for children with disabilities. Shannon Des Roches Rosa, editor of The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, wrote: "Our kids love Faces iMake ... Its interface is one of the best I've seen for kids with autism."


* It enables kids to express themselves visually in a liberating way. An enthusiastic student will have more incentive to articulate verbally on his/her creation.

Faces iMake was developed with renowned artist, children's book author and educator Hanoch Piven and is based on the highly acclaimed creative workshops he has conducted all around the world. Piven, whose art has been featured in publications such as: Time, Newsweek and The New Yorker, says about Faces iMake: "I wanted Faces iMake to be a virtual workshop that reflects what happens in the real world when we compose pictures using objects. All significantly creative ideas are born from playing, therefore Faces iMake is a game as much as it is a creative workshop."

View the embedded image gallery online at:
  • Download for

  • Ages: 3-99 years
  • Skills:
  • Coordination
  • Curiosity
  • Experiences:
  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Happiness
Be a part of *The Monsters Family

Be a part of The Monsters Family


Introducing the zaniest family since the Flintstones – Here comes The Monsters.

Let the games begin entertaining and educating your child with a variety of six

exciting educational games made especially for preschoolers. 




*** FEATURES *** 


-6 different games that teach kids about colors, letters, counting, shapes, sizes, matching, and differences. 


-Each member of the Family will help your child in playing and learning the different games. 


-Gazillion of sounds and voice recordings of words, colors, -Animated Stickers! Kids get a sticker reward after every other game they win. 


-Designed for preschoolers -- no confusing menus or navigation. 


-Play with your favorite character or play with the whole family. 




1. COLORS. Each monster has it’s on unique world of colors. Each one would like you to help them feed Scrumpy the family dog with it’s favorite color. Teaches colors, color names, and grouping. 


2. MATCHING. Match pairs of different objects in each room, hidden behind the cards and help the monsters clean the room. Teaches memory. 


3. COUNTING. Count the different objects that each monster likes. Teaches numbers and counting. 


4. WORDS. Help the monsters in their way around word land. Help them name the objects we see. Teaches letters and letter sounds. 


5. DIFFERENCE. Help the monsters find the object looks different. 


6. SILHOUETTES. Help the monsters match the correct shape with the matching silhouette.

View the embedded image gallery online at:
  • Available now for
    iPad & iPhone

  • Ages: 2-4 years
  • Skills:
  • Coordination
  • Counting
  • Curiosity
  • Experiences:
  • Fun
  • Engaging
Faces iMake Premium!

Enhance your Creativity Faces iMake - Premium!


Use toys, tools, musical instruments and so much more! 
With over 200 different elements to choose from,


the possibilities and fun Faces you make are as endless
as your imagination. Developed in conjunction with
internationally renowned author and illustrator,
Hanoch Piven, this app brings out the artist in all of us!


With Faces iMake, your child can:
*Take quick video lessons from Hanoch Piven himself
*Learn to see and use everyday objects in creative new ways. 
*Create thousands of new masterpieces. 

The only limit is their own imagination!
View the embedded image gallery online at:
  • Download for
    iPhone & iPod touch

  • Ages: 2-99 years
  • Skills:
  • Coordination
  • Curiosity
  • Experiences:
  • Fun
  • Inspiration

Talking About iMagine machine™

Teachers With Apps Certification Program

"Wince is an outstanding storybook app. This journey of self-awareness teachers children how to overcome their worries; an ultra-important theme and apropos topic in today’s world."

Teachers With Apps Certification Program

"This terrific open-ended app is the quintessential multisensory app, as it stimulates kids imaginations to create. The perfect tool to develop right brain creative capabilities."

"This fantastic art app encourages kids to be creative and gives them the tools to express themselves."

"This App is Fantastic...It should be in every single classroom, in every single school."*

"I would definitely recommend this app to parents of young children who are learning their ABC’s!"



Faces iMake on Padgadget

"Faces iMake shares the exuberance of its predecessor, and reminds me of the clever, animated shorts that Sesame Street runs for each letter of the alphabet."*

"This issue has yet to be addressed in any apps for children, up until now. Wince's journey of self-awareness helps him overcome his worries and banish the WorryBug. He's a character that will inspire anyone who's ever had a worry no matter how old they are."*

"Wince - Don't Feed the Worry Bug is a unique storybook app that is capable of triggering discussions with your juniors regarding one of the most important aspects in their growth, i.e., their emotional wellbeing. I highly recommend this app for parents 

who want to know more about their juniors."

Art & Technology meet Literacy

"So much fun!! Now if only I could get my son off of the app and back to completing the 4 days of school work he missed while he was home sick. "*

"Application creation complete and extremely well done, we want to recommend to everyone, and should particularly appeal to teachers of schools (including kindergarten) through the work directly related to the face and everyday objects ."*

"Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity is a wonderful activity app for encouraging creativity in juniors. If you wish to invest in a useful app that has a long shelf life, then this is it. I promise that you won't regret it."

 really enjoyed the Monsters Family app

"The app features a very fun and educational design, without having too many “bells and whistles”.  I will definitely be using this app with my son and encourage parents of preschoolers to check it out!"

"The Monsters Family is a “slow app” that focuses on one complete task at a time to encourage attention to tasks without in app distractions"

"It is a very neat app. Seeing how ordinary everyday objects turning into an extraordinary art work will be inspiring. It will teach the children to live everyday life with artful eyes and mind, and to appreciate life more…" - Faces iMake

"An original, fun to use and very well put together creative tool for all the young artists."*

"This is a strikingly beautiful app. The illustrations have a rough textured warmth that matches the farm setting really well."*

"This app is a digital version of the most enjoyable art class you can imagine. There's great music and tons of room for creativity. The video lessons can really improve the quality of the faces you make too"*

"Think Mr. Potato Head meets the iPad. This one will have the family passing around the iPad to see who can make the silliest face."*

"From the creators of the all-time fantastic Faces iMake, comes this lovely app with the same outstanding artistic execution, from graphics to music and narration. A true must have for the little ones"*

"The app is meant for a whole family experience, and it is very much like going to a movie or watching a stage play. "*

"The creators of the bestselling Faces iMake have created another engaging app, once again celebrating learning, creativity and child-led discovery."*

"Faces iMake is an app that encourages exactly that kind of inventive creativity in your child.Watch your child make faces from numerous objects like mops, broccoli, and screwdrivers."*

"Right-brain thinking, originality, having fun, exploring, playing, opening your mind, learning, creating, discovering, trying new things, and engaging in an open-ended activity are all goals and benefits of Faces iMake"*

"It's amazingly relaxing and will remind you how little time we generally allow ourselves to be creative."*

"Faces iMake is an extrodinary tool for developing right brain creativity and expending awareness in a really fun way"*

"With Faces iMake, the sky is the limit... This application is absolutely a blast."


"I love the way this app changes oridnary in to extraordinary!"*

"This is an all-time Top 10 Essential app to have on your iDevice!"*

"We couldn't find one negative thing to say about the app except that it took up too much time because we just played too long! Beware, it's addicting!"*

"Pure artistic expression here! That's what makes this app so spectacular in the hands of a child, of any age"*

"This is an art making app for everyone, even those who aren't so good at art."*

"A terrific app for the iPad that taps the creativity of both younfg and old artists"*

"Faces iMake continues to be one of our all time favorites"*

"An Excellent childs game, endless game play will provoide lots of fun and challenged, well worth the money"

USA Today*

"4 out of 4 Stars for this unique art creation app"*

"Excellent way to explain assemblage and portraiture as an art form"






"Faces iMake is the most entertaining and creatively expressive app for the iPhone I've seen."
(Parents' Choice Foundation)







"This awesome children's app comes pre-loaded with several art lessons (you tube videos). There are tons of objects and shapes to make an infinite number of faces. A great app to encourage activity."






"After reviewing this app with other educators and playing with children it is clear that Faces iMake is an extrodinary tool for developing right brain creativity and expanding awareness in a really fun way."



top 10_app1TOP 10 APPS!!!



"What was a great concept back then got upgraded into an incredible full-featured app...This is an all-time TOP 10 ESSENTIAL app to have on you iDevice!"







"This app is a digital version of the most enjoyable art class you can imagine. There's great music and tons of room for creativity. The video lessons can really improve the quality of the faces you make too"



appysmarts Editor's Favorite !!!



"The story (theme, flow, humor), beautiful illustrations and animations, cute characters, great narration and voice acting, background music. The interactive elements don't distract and help to keep the child 'immersed' in the story."






"Faces iMake ABC - With pitch perfect sounds and gentle encouragement, the reward is in the accomplishment"
(Parents' Choice Foundation)






"The developers of Faces iMake did a great job offering so many options, both in terms of items to use, and in ways to inspire kids"
(Parents' Choice Foundation)


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